“Love You!” Caitlyn Jenner Pays A Touching Tribute To Ex-Wife Kris Jenner Who Celebrates Her 64th Birthday

November 6, 2019 14:44

Kris Jenner has just celebrated her 64th birthday in the best possible way ever. Caitlyn Jenner surprised her ex-wife with a touching tribute.

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Happy birthday, Kris Jenner!

On November 5, fabulous Kris Jenner celebrated her 64th birthday. The Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch had the best B-day celebration with her daughters and grandkids.

Kim Kardashian surprised her mother with an unusual party. The reality star arranged a secret celebration at their former home where Kris raised her kids. So sweet of her!

However, Kris’ daughters were not the only ones to surprise their mom on her special day. Caitlyn Jenner paid a touching tribute to her former wife as she turned 64.

Caitlyn shared a lovely photo with Kris on Instagram and captioned:

Happy birthday to this special woman! What an amazing mother and business woman you are. Love you! 🎈 🎂

Agree that it’s not that common when ex-spouses remain friends after split! Kris and Caitlyn Jenner are a rare and joyful exception.

Fans gush about the sweet post

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🤩🤩u guys are so cute😍

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U guys are literally the best❤️❤️

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What a commendable relationship you two have!!

@ kyleiljenners

Icon moment❤️

@ zakkburnell_

2 queens in the same place 😍😍

@ gingermaek

That was sweet.

@ bardi_lyne_

You obviously miss her, deep

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We wish Kris and Caitlyn to never lose a special bond they share! Happy birthday to the incredible and forever-young Kris Jenner!

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