'NCIS: N.O' Lucas Black AKA Agent Christopher Lasalle Exits The Show With A Dramatic Ending

November 7, 2019 14:34

The producers of NCIS: New Orleans didn't prepare the viewers for what happened in the latest chapter.

When episode Matthew 5:9 aired no fan was ready to wave goodbye to Special Agent Christopher Lasalle from the acclaimed CBS series after 6 seasons. How could you!

The actor, Lucas Black was seen pursuing a drug ring in Alabama. He hoped its lord to be the criminal behind his brother's murder.

Bye Mr. Lasalle

As the show started on Tuesday, Lucas was seen being shot at the very spot his brother had died, a cabin. A gunman charged through the door to attack Sue-Anne Hughes, a woman who was helping him. The special agent saves her life and gets in the line of fire himself.

He sustains gunshot wounds in the arm and abdomen. Despite lasting through emergency surgery, his vitals crashed in a major of hours. Lasalle died while envisioning being rejoined with his deceased sibling.

Lucas Black left a message for his admirers on Twitter. He was grateful for the love and unwavering support.

People are devastated

Social media users are mourning the demise of the fictional character. They had grown to like him so much and now are upset to see him go in such a heartbreaking way.

Well, the actor was bound to exit the show one way or the other. His intense chase finally came to an end. Share this and let us know how you feel about it.