"She's Still The Same": Kathie Lee Gifford Returns To 'Today' & Reunites With Co-Host Hoda Kotb

November 13, 2019 16:28

Kathie Lee Gifford on Today show again? Nope, you ain't dreaming. She couldn't stay away from her beloved colleague, Hoda Kotb for too long. However, it looks like a meetup, not a return. Sorry, folks!

The 66-year-old anchor served the talk show for 11 years before quitting it. She had joined on a 12-months contract but, it became a journey of a decade. Kathie found the perfect hosting companion in Hoda which prolonged her presence. They shared fun memories, painful goodbyes, and career growth together.

She was given the best farewell party!

Kathie Lee Gifford reunited with Hoda Kotb

She waved goodbye to her job in April of 2019 and Jenna Bush Hager replaced her. Kathie hasn't lost touch with her favorite ladies though. She was invited on the show to give updates about her life in Nashville and gossip about her new neighborhood. Turns out, her new community is just pure magic.

Gifford poked fun at Hoda referring to her Egyptian origins. Jenna chimed in:

She is still the same!

The ex-host has even started dating. She has gone out with new guys, exploring their culture. Kathie couldn't stop admiring the kind, loving, musical and cheerful vibes of Nashville. Hoda gushed that her former partner is happier than ever and even looks better.

Living the dream

Kathie Lee's wish was granted when she left Today. She got the time and motivation to be creative. The lady is now pursuing social causes and is free to do whatever. She writes, works at her own convenience and focuses on her health.

She may not be making a comeback but, it was nice to see the TV's most charming duo together. Share this and let Kathie know how much you miss her.