78-Year-Old Pensioner And Her 39-Year-Old Husband Are Happy Together: “There’s A Wild Attraction Between Us”

December 3, 2018 06:24

Meet Edna. She is 78 years-old, but she says she’s young at heart. She has a loving husband, who, as it turns out, is 39 years younger than her.

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Love at first sight

When Edna and Simon met, she was a divorcee with 3 grandchildren, and he was a 30-year-old living with his parents. At that time, Simon had never had any experience with ladies at all, while Edna’s own kids are older than him.

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The moment they laid their eyes on each other, they knew it was love. Edna says she is a teenager in disguise and Simon jokes he was born middle-aged, so it seems that they match perfectly on the inside.

Their romance quickly escalated and the two got married. Edna’s family was very supportive as her daughter made a wedding cake for the couple and her son gave her away. Now, he actually calls Simon, who is younger than him, ‘dad.’

Renewing wedding vows

Edna and Simon’s relationship might surprise some people but the two are still in love and even renewed their wedding vows. Edna comments:

When we got together, Simon said that if he could have just one year with me, it would be worth it. Now we’ve done six, and before I go galloping off into senility, we wanted to celebrate!

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The couple claims that their bond is even stronger now and that the physical attraction is still there.

Our relationship has the same passion as a pair of 25-year-olds. We kiss about 150 times a day.

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Well, love truly has no age. But this is not the first story that proves it.

Jane and Phil

A 66-year-old granny, Joan, has found her love with 28-year-old Phil. The two now live together in the home that Joan used to share with her late husband.

As long as they are happy, their age gap doesn't matter, don’t you think?

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