Fun Marine Mind Teasers Challenge: How Good Are You At Hide'n'Seek?

November 16, 2018 14:37

Solving puzzles will make you find the answers with the help of completely different approaches. Regardless of whether your solution is right or wrong, it still leads to the development of alternative thinking, analytical skills, and decreases mind deterioration.

Benefit from puzzles

Puzzles train the mind to work effectively in a variety of ways. They usually require the method of attempts and errors along with the use of systematic approach.

Through the answer formulation and its checkup, you benefit from a combination of empirical research creativity. This, in turn, usually leads to innovative, precognitive, and effective ways in solving everyday life tasks. Eventually, they surprisingly appear to be very useful skills.

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Marine mind teasers

That is why we prepared three absorbing tasks to help you improve your thinking abilities and just relax from a tedious everyday routine.

How good have you been in playing hide and seek? What did you like the most, the feeling of sitting quiet enough to be found last? Or the ability to find everyone in a few minutes due to your immaculate attentiveness? Well, here you have a chance to show how skillful you were in finding stuff. This picture is flooded with colorful jellyfish. However, only one of them has different tentacles. Try to find the odd one among its siblings.

Here is a bit more difficult task. There are seven fish that are hiding in the cay and are waiting to be found. Be attentive as some of them are really hard to distinguish.

Finally, the submarines’ armada is heading towards a big expedition. However, there is one member of the enormous team that should not be here – a giant fish. Try to find it among the similar submarines and remember it might look very close to the objects around.


Did you know that solving puzzles strengthens existing connections between brain cells and increases the generation of new connections? Both of these significantly improve mental processes and thinking speed. Puzzles are useful for any age, even though younger generation have more flexible mind, while adults and older people are more inclined to struggle with complex problems.

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Conventional puzzles are especially useful for short-term memory, mainly because they require profound imagination to see the whole picture to determine which parts fit together. Have you managed to find all pieces of the puzzles? Could you spot all the hidden objects in the photos? Well, let’s find out.

Here is a pink jellyfish that you were looking for. Its tentacles are of a different color indeed!


The seven fish were really hard to find. Their coloration coincides with the background. So perhaps it was challenging to detect all of them.


The fish among the submarines has beautiful lips and wide eyes, but it camouflaged in a very confident way. Hopefully, your attentiveness was just enough to detect the blue cutie.


Solving puzzles brings both fun and benefit, so in case you keep trying hard to complete the similar tasks - good job! You are slowly but steadily improving your analytical skills and raising your attentiveness level.

Keep the same pace, and your brain will be thankful to you for this.

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