"It's Not The Jedi Way": Fifth Grader Who Got Punched In The Face Speaks Up Against Bullying

September 4, 2018 13:33

On Monday morning, a fifth-grade boy at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School was rushed to the emergency room after a bully in his school punched him in the face. Aiden Vasquez told KMIR News that he had a weird feeling before the bully seized his backpack and attacked him.

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Aiden’s mother, Lizette Casanova, shared the story on her Facebook page, along with pictures of her dear son, with his right eye swollen and face bruised. And this is not the first time the boy has been bullied in school.

It pisses me off and makes me emotional…It makes me crazy. Last year, he got a cheek laceration. He got pushed against a wall, supposedly, and his face got cut open. Last year, he got three stitches.

Thankfully, Aiden's injuries aren't that serious this time, and doctors say he is going to make a full recovery. His mother also shared updates showing Aiden's recovery on her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, administrators at the Two Bunch Palms Elementary School refused to comment on the matter, stating privacy violation concerns.

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On Tuesday, Aiden gave a speech at the Two Bunch Palms Elementary School board meeting. In his speech, Aiden spoke strongly against bullying in schools, reminding members of staff that children need to be protected. He even made a reference to Star Wars and the code of honor, practiced by the Jedi.

I wish and I wish everyday that kids do not get bullied anymore. It’s not the Jedi way.

Aiden is a fan of Star Wars franchise, and his mother revealed that the fifth-grader spent time watching the movies after he got out of the hospital.

Bullying is a big problem in American schools, and about one in every four students is bullied on a daily basis. School authorities have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to the kids and their parents, and have to acknowledge the dangers of bullying and its effect on children.

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