Internet Users Are Outraged At Mother Who Calls For Ban On Kids Playing Outside Without Clothes

July 22, 2019 11:38

Most children spend their childhood playing naked around the house, but when is the right time to make your children wear clothes in public?

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While there is no set time to make children wear clothes, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network recommends that when kids are approaching the age of 4 to 6, they should be clothed in public.

However, this mother of two had the cops knock on her door when her five-year-old and two-year-old played naked in the garden.

Stop sexualizing kids!

Beth McKenna was surprised when she heard a knock on her home in Newcastle. On opening, she found out that it as the police.

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Apparently, they had received a call from a neighbor or someone, reporting that she allowed her children to play naked in the garden.

Beth’s story was the topic of discussion on the famous show, This Morning, and two mothers were invited to debate on the subject, Natalie Brown, mother-of-three and Claire Muldoon, mother-of-four.

While speaking on the topic, Natalie believed it was ridiculous that someone called the police on Beth as it was a childhood right of passage for kids to play naked. She stated it was something natural that kids did it without thinking.

However, Claire said she doesn’t buy into the idea as it doesn’t promote decency and modesty.

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She believes times are changing and that kids should be taught to cover up their bodies. Also, she believes if they are naked, they are more prone to injuries.

Many internet users didn’t agree with Claire’s opinion as they slammed her for sexualizing small kids.

Making your backyard safe for kids

  • Supervise their playtime;
  • Install a fence; /

  • Survey your lawn for harmful items;
  • Establish safety rules.

While it is good to protect our children from evil, it is better to preserve their innocence while at it. It is what makes them kids in the first place.

Let us know your opinion about this topic. Do you think it is wrong for kids to play naked in the backyard?