Family Spent $41,000 On Their Daughter's 18th Birthday Party With 2 Stunning Gowns, A 5-Tiered Cake And An Orchestra

July 24, 2019 09:58

Many cultures have ways to honor young women as they come of age. In the Philippines, women are honored on their 18th birthdays in a tradition known as the debut. When a Philippine girl of a certain economic standing turns 18, her family usually throws her a lavish party at which she is the center of attention.

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The celebration resembles a wedding in some ways, and includes the girl's family and friends. /

Danica Carmelina celebrated her 18th birthday by throwing an extravagant "Swan Lake"-themed party for 170 guests which cost more than £23,000. So, it's not surprising that the girl, a ballerina and aspiring doctor from the Philippines, faced backlash on the Internet and multiple people described her move as “ridiculous” and “excessive”.

Danica, who has always wanted to star in the famous ballet “Swan Lake”. She spent months planning the special celebration.

A team of stylists, designers and a light crew assisted her in the Philippines.

Besides changing two designer gowns, the girl had wedding-style decor, a five-tiered cake and an orchestra.

Danica wanted the event to be 'pink, feminine and extravagant' and it seems that the team perfectly coped with their task.

Her first dress was inspired by Swan Lake and cost the family more than $11, 200.

Danica told the FEMALE:

“We don’t really do sweet 16s here in the Philippines, and an 18th is the most important birthday because it’s when you are of legal age,”

Yet, not everyone was impressed by the extravagant celebration, with some branding it as “ridiculous”:

Well, there is no doubt that neither the birthday girl nor her family and friends will forget the stunning celebration. Hopefully, Danica appreciates her parents' affords and love.

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