3 Horrible Stories That Prove Bullying Is Real And Can Kill. How Can We Save Our Children?

October 29, 2018 13:46

How many people consider bullying a significant issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible? We believe that there shouldn’t be such question. This terrifying disease is killing our children, and hundreds of absolutely horrendous bullying stories prove this point. Bullying can lead to such awful consequences as depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal behavior, etc. And often times, children do take their own life, because no one helped them.

According to some recent studies, over 14 percent of students have had suicidal thoughts and 7 percent have even tried to commit it. Every day, more than 160,000 children skip school just because of fear of being bullied. We want to highlight three real-life bullying stories to raise awareness about this issue.

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Rosalie’s story – cyber bullying is real

A 13-year-old girl from California, Rosalie Avila, committed suicide because of being bullied for many years. Rosalie lived in a loving and caring family, but it didn’t help to save her life. The girl left a note, where she wrote that she couldn’t take being bullied anymore, and hung herself. And even after Rosalie’s death, many students still made fun of her online. As in most cases, the family believes that the school did next to nothing to address the issue and prevent the tragedy. The mother opens up about the tragedy:

The things that they post on social media about my daughter is unacceptable. The people that liked it and fed into it... it's painful and it makes me angry to know that they have no heart.

Carl’s story – words kill people

Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was just 11 years old when he fell victim to an absolutely outrageous bullying story. The bullies at his school had been calling him “gay” every day, though the rising football star and Boy Scout hardly knew his sexual orientation.

Nevertheless, the pressure created by the society’s rejection was way too strong for Carl to handle. The mother found him hanging by an extension cord at home, when she was about to go to another meeting with the school officials and confront them once again because of the bullying situation. Carl was openhearted, kind, and active. The mother remembers her child as a decent, talented human being:

That's the type of kid he was. You could rely and count on him.

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Jeremiah’s story – high school bullying

Jeremiah took his life at the age of 21. The boy has been suffering from bullying since his first day at school. He was raised in a not wealthy family and had three siblings. Jeremiah was shy and sensitive, loved playing with his pets, and even wanted to start school at first. But the excitement quickly changed into frustration. Many children were making fun of the boy for wearing second hand, homemade clothes or for not knowing about some popular TV-shows because of the mother’s TV restrictions.

Things got even worse in middle school. Despite the mother knowing about some incidents of bullying, she didn’t take actions because her son begged her not to confront the school authorities. And even after changing the school at the 10th grade, Jeremiah quickly became a target for bullying once again. The teachers said he needed to learn how to stand up for himself and didn’t interfere nor help the boy. Three years after earning his GED, he bought a gun and ended his life. Jeremiah wrote in the letter that he didn’t want to live in the world full of such cruel people and that the bullying left him with absolutely no self-esteem and hope.

When someone says that bullying is an absolutely normal thing in the life of any child, tell them about these three stories. Bullying is NOT OK and shouldn’t be tolerated! It can lead to some of the most horrible consequences such as committing suicide or mass school shooting. According to different studies, nearly three-quarters of the school shooters were victims of bullying.

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What can we do as parents to prevent something so horrible? Talk to your children more. Make sure they know they are loved and deserve safety. If the school authorities do not help, report the issue to your local state authorities. You can even seek help from the local media. This social problem requires serious actions to be taken. The horrible bullying stories described in this article prove that you should never close your eyes to the issue.

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