Mother Blames Nursing Staff For Neglect After Her 13-Year-Old Disabled Daughter Fell To Her Death From A Hospital Bed

October 18, 2018

A 13-year-old disabled girl fell to her death from a hospital bed. The grieving family blames nursing staff for neglecting their duties.

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RIP, little angel!

13-year-old Melissa Standen lost her life in a tragic incident which her parents believe could be preventable.

Melissa fell through the railings of her bed at a Sydney respite center. Her t-shirt got caught and she choked to her death.

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The loss mother, Tin Ho, blames the nursing staff for placing her daughter in the wrong type of bed. The grieving woman says Melissa’s death was preventable if not the nurse’s neglect.

We hope this will ensure, unlike our Melissa, no other child with a disability will be placed at risk.

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Mrs. Tin Ho stressed that kids with special needs deserve “better and improved care” to keep them safe.

The center representatives didn’t comment on the tragic case.

Our deepest condolences to the family. We hope little Melissa found her peace in heaven.

Nursing care importance

The necessity of appropriate nursing care for positive patients’ healing is extremely important. Unfortunately, sometimes the medical staff neglects their duties and, in this case, it’s their patients who suffer most.

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The quality of nursing care relates to the appropriate background and necessary training intended to optimize patient outcomes and prevent adverse effects.

But of course, knowledge and practice are not the only significant factors in nursing care. No less important is a person’s desire to help patients on their way to recovery. It won’t come from anywhere – whether you enjoy helping patients or not.

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In case you require a nursing assistance, make sure to check recommendations of a person who will take care of you. Remember, your health is your greatest treasure.  

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