Crying Like Never Before: Real-Life Papas Reveal What It's Really Like To Be A Dad

October 12, 2018 17:18

It’s not that hard to father a child, but it takes a lifetime to become a dad. It’s impossible to underestimate the role of a father as it cannot be replaced by others. A dad hugely impacts his child, making him or her the person they become. Fathers must provide a sense of security, promote inner growth and strength in their children.

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The relationship with our dads will reflect other relationship we will have in our lives. This role requires a lot of responsibility and it’s definitely not an easy one. These real-life fathers shared what it’s really like to be a dad, and it made us laugh and cry at the same time.

It can be fun

It can be cute

It can be challenging

It can be exhausting

It can be even tearful

But it’s all worth it in the end

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How to be a perfect dad?

Every dad has a fear he won’t be good at parenting or that he will make a mistake. This job comes with the good and the bad, and you have to accept both. However, let us share some tips that will help you to become the best dad you can be.

  1. Be patient – it’s very easy to lose your temper, but it’s no good to react in an angry way in front of your child, so learn to step back and take a deep breath.
  2. Be loving –  when they are upset, show them love; when you are upset, show them love. It sounds corny but it works.
  3. Be present – always set aside time each day for your children, don’t make the biggest mistake by not being there for them.
  4. Be firm – set healthy boundaries and make sure that you ‘no’ is as firm as it can be.

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And remember, no matter how hard it is now, it will get easier and it will feel rewarding.

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