Girl Who Was Abandoned By Her Parents And Raised By Dogs Makes An Incredible Transformation

November 16, 2018

In the ideal world, every child has a loving family and a place they can call home. But unfortunately, the reality is different, and a lot of children become victims of abuse and neglect.

As reported by the SOS Children’s Villages, around 153 million children worldwide are orphans. Many kids suffer from child labor, poverty, war, conflicts etc.


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The girl that was raised by dogs

The 35-year-old Oxana Malaya from Ukraine was not an orphan. Nevertheless, she was raised not by parents, but by dogs. Her parents were alcoholics and paid no attention to their daughter. She was left completely alone until the moment dogs took care of her. Maybe, they even saved her life, as the first 8 years of her life she mostly lived in the dog kennel and even started to physically behave like a dog.

On the pictures below we can see that Oxana did everything like a dog: She ran around on all fours, barked, slept on the floor, and took care of hygiene like a dog.

60 Minutes Australia / YouTube

60 Minutes Australia / YouTube

At the age of 8, Oxana was transported to the foster home for mentally-disabled children. Specialists did everything possible to teach the girl how to speak, read, write, walk like humans, and many other things.

60 Minutes Australia / YouTube

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Now, Oxana looks so much different. After years of specialized therapy, she learned how to behave in society, and even wants to create a family. On one of Ukrainian TV shows she revealed that one of her biggest dreams is to find a mother.

Kanal Ukraina / YouTube

Kanal Ukraina / YouTube

What to do when you spot child abuse and neglect?

As reported by Family Education, here are some recommendations in case you notice child abuse and neglect:

  • don’t forget that the child’s safety comes the first;
  • don’t wait for another step to resolve the issue;
  • consult with the attorney;
  • immediately call child welfare office.

Nukpraj /

We all are responsible for the prevention of similar cases in the future. Please, don’t stay aside, if you see cases of child neglect or abuse.

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