Baby Wakes Up In Bad Mood, But Dad Found Priceless Way To Calm Him Down With Huskies

November 6, 2018 15:21

People who have small babies know how hard it can be to calm the baby down and put it back to sleep. Sometimes, kids can become moody and it's impossible to comfort them.

Of course, each parent has his/her own techniques to calm the baby down. Some people sing lullabies or read fairy tales; others start playing. But this family managed to find a very original way to comfort their baby.

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This video from YouTube user milperthusky shows his baby’s priceless reaction to huskies. Dad claims that his baby often wakes up in a bad mood, so one day he decided to bring in the huskies. The reaction was priceless.

The baby loves watching, playing, and cuddling with his huskies, and becomes happy and relaxed right away.

Nearly 8 million people have already watched the video on YouTube alone, but the real number is much higher. Most users find the method very unusual and effective. Still others confirm that pets are really one of the best nannies for babies.

This baby loves spending time with pets and it looks so cute. Just look at their relationship!

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Effective ways of calming down a baby

But what about people who don’t have huskies — or any pets — at home? How can they calm their babies down? Here are some other effective ways of comfort a baby, provided by Living and Loving:

  • swaying the baby from side to side in your arms;
  • making rhythmic sounds;
  • giving the baby a warm bath;
  • giving the baby a massage.

This dad found a perfect way of consoling his baby, while involving his favorite pets in the process. It turned out pets can be not just like family members, but also great babysitters to boot.

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