Simon Cowell's 4-Year-Old Son Has A Crush On This Crazy Cute And Unbelievably Talented Little Girl

November 26, 2018 17:12

Simon Cowell surprised the viewers of America's Got Talent by revealing his son’s secret. As it turned out, 4-year-old Eric has a crush on one of the show’s contestants. It’s a 5-year-old Sophie Fatu from Charleston, who stole the young Cowell’s heart.

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Eric looked very embarrassed that his dad spilled the beans in front of the audience and millions of viewers but we are certain he will be able to forgive his dad very soon.

Sophie is the youngest ever America's Got Talent contestant and she blew the judges away with her incredible performance of Frank Sinatra's hit song New York, New York. Even adult singers would struggle with this song but little Sophie managed to sing it perfectly.

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This is not the first of Sophie’s mind-blowing performances

When Sophie appeared on the stage of America's Got Talent for the first time, she revealed that Simon Cowell is her favorite judge, telling him:

Mr. Simon, I saw a dream about you — I saw that he pushed the golden button.

She performed another Sinatra’s hit My Way, receiving the standing ovation. The little cutie got 4 ‘yes’ from the judges and was sent to the next round.

People love the little girl

Sophie is definitely an incredibly talented performer, not to mention her adorable looks, and we hope to hear more of her in the future.

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