Is It Ok That Parents Give More Attention To Other Children While Ignoring Own Kids' Terrible Behavior?

October 26, 2018 09:53

Well, lots of terrible things may happen in this life, and one of them is neglecting own children whereas paying close attention to others. You may protest, but this is the truth. Scroll down, and you'll see the full story.

Parents ignore their kids' terrible behavior

During the preschool nanny's visit, the parents were notified about their children, Trevor and Travis, and their horrible behavior along with constant bullying and major fights.

The staff are doing the best they can to be able to stop your boys from intimidating the other kids and they come to you, but you don't go out there and do anything.

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Shockingly, parents did not react the way we all expected. Instead, they just told they don't know what to do with kids anymore, and they are just giving up on them. A mother said:

I think I put so much into my life at my school. I don't know if I just don't have anything left when I come home.

In support to the wife, a boys' father told that there's something in the way instead of upbringing their offspring.

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Really, people? Is this your excuse? Then, tell us again, what was the point to give birth to 2 sons?

These kids need you asap!

Causes of kids' bad behavior

Knowing the premises to child's outrage is of importance since most of them result in parents' neglect.

  1. Communication gap. In the absence of communication, kids find it complicated to share their concerns or worries with busy parents.
  2. Child abuse. Physical, mental, sexual abuse significantly impact a kid and his psychological state.
  3. Broken families. Constant fights, betrayal or divorce affect a child's behavior and psychic.
  4. Parental pressure. Big expectations or force in academic performance or specific situations can stress a kid out.
  5. Unhealthy home environment. Fights, screamings, and tense are bound to make a kid insecure and neglected.
  6. Consumerism. Lavish clothes, allowance to do this and that, and licentiousness led to arrogance, big ego, and outrageous behavior.

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Everybody is unique

If all human beings had been born identical, life would have been extremely dull. Thus it's necessary to make up mind about different approaches to children's behaviors and morals.

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According to Understood Organization, focusing attention to each child individually boosts their self-esteem, motivates them to be better, enhances communication and relationship during a lifespan.

It says that 'actions speak louder and words' and it's the truth. Parents should understand the core value of their kids and give full time to them to show their importance and uniqueness.

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Hence, it's the time to rebuild your relationship with children if it's broken. And please, never neglect your child, cause it drastically affects mental health.

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