Worse Than Daycare! 5 Warning Signs Your Kid Is In The Care Of A Narcissistic Grandmother

May 17, 2019 10:17

All humans possess a different personality from each other. While some are considered delightful, others can be lethal. A narcissist comes into the spectrum of a mentally troubled individual. People with such symptoms have an enlarged sense of their own significance and prominently lack empathy for fellow beings.

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Your trust in the child's grandmother can be faltered if she has deep need for excessive attention, admiration, and history of troubled relationships. Their extreme parental confidence can mask fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

Watch out for the warning signs!

Your kid needs a safe environment to nourish. If you leave them alone with grandmother, only two things are possible. She will either be a fairy godmother or a witch  from your nightmares. The following are five telltale signs of a narcissistic granny as suggested by We Have Kids Magazine:

1. She's not respectful

Such grandma feels empowered to belittle and denigrate you as parents. She seeks respect from your kids and you but never returns the favor, and thinks that only the elders deserve special treatment.

2. She undermines your authority

This granny believes she is the best parent ever because she raised you. She will meddle in your ways of bringing up right in front of your kid. This will ultimately deject your kid's faith in you.

3. She had favorites among grandkids

A toxic granny will introduce competition among her grandchildren. One will feel less special than the other and their mutual understanding will tumble down dramatically. Your kid may experience isolation as well.

4. She says hurtful or inappropriate things to your child

This granny tends to cross every moral line ever developed in the world of parenthood. She will make the kid doubt their identity and their position in the household. An insulted kid with damaged self-worth will cause havoc to his/her parents.

5. She doesn't stick around

Such granny will come and go out of your kids' lives. One corrective measure towards her will offend her beyond repair and you'll be dead to her. And then when she needs your support in something, she'll find her way back. 

How to handle narcissists in general

Bakadesuyo equips normal beings to shield themselves against the self-absorbed humans. These secrets will help you ward them off:

  • the most important way to deal with a narcissist is: just don't and leave them be;
  • if you are in a powerless situation, just stay silent until it's time to leave;
  • they are not about being fair so don't expect it, say what you want loud and clear;
  • ask them what will people think if they did so and they will be scared to hurt their reputation;
  • avoid narcissists and don't become one.

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Grannies should be a safe haven for your children. It doesn't imply all grandmothers have villainous tendencies but it's better to be careful. Share this and be thankful if you've got a fairy of a grandma. They don't come easy. 

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.