Fun Pack is Back! This Talented Family Melts Everyone's Heart With Their Annual Christmas Performance

December 18, 2018 12:48

Christmas songs add tons of thrill and excitement to the atmosphere around this time. Everyone is finding an excuse to get out of their seats and move their bodies. Classic melodies are the best and each generation must find a way to pass them on.

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The festive season puts even the dullest people in their energetically happy form. There is more time for families to spend with each other to cherish these joyous moments. Apart from decorating their tree, making cookies and preparing gifts, one family has found a perfect Christmas activity for the whole squad. And they follow it up every year!

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Family Fun Pack is back

The YouTubers known as Family Fun Pack have made a tradition for their kids to musically wish everyone a 'Merry Christmas'. They give a great performance each year. The youngest among them are the 5-year-old twins and the oldest is the 8-year-old daughter. The kiddo club shows up in matching holiday-inspired costumes, making them adorably synced.

For 2018's Christmas surprise, the entire family was involved in the masterpiece. They performed Deck the Halls as a handbell choir. Their mother wrote and played the piano music herself. She also remarked that they are learning their arrangements faster and faster each year. So, the family decided to add singing and saxophone to the mix, too. Listen and lighten up!

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Previous years' performances

Their previous performances can serve as a comparison to how much bigger and better they have gotten. The kids are more confident, their love for music has doubled, and their synchronization is just perfect. Can't find a reason not love these cuties putting on their best show!

People's admiration for the kiddos is multiplying each year! Share this and suggest some more fun activities that families can rock during Christmas time. And don't forget to jingle the bells!

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