“He Was Rapt:” Paramedics Grant Dying Man His Final Wish And We Were Baffled When We Found Out What It Is

October 31, 2018 09:56

Knowing that you don't have long to live is a scary thought. You evaluate your whole life, remembering the best and the worst moments. /

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But if you were ever in that situation, what would you wish for? This terminally ill man had no hesitation when he was asked what he would like.

The last wish

Two paramedics from Queensland, Australia, have been praised by the family of a man who had days left to live, after the paramedics granted his final wish.

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72-year-old Ron McCartney was terminally ill, suffering from prostate cancer for a long time. His family called him an ambulance to take the dying man to the palliative care unit.

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Paramedics Kate Hanafy and Hanna Hoswell came to his room and when they found out he hadn’t eaten for days, they wanted to do something to help him. Hoswell commented:

He was very low on energy and tired an lethargic, looking a bit down in the dump. Kate said, ‘well if we could get him anything, what would it be?’

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There was only one thing on Ron’s mind and he answered with a smile on his face:

 Caramel sundae.

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The paramedics hopped into their car and drove to the nearest McDonalds to get McCartney the treat he had been hoping for. When they brought it to him, the man was incredibly excited.

 He was rapt, getting it all over his face, all over his shirt.

The kind gesture lightened up Ron’s last days and made his family overwhelmed with happiness to see him so delighted. He passed away a few days later but it’s heartwarming to know that the last moment he remembered was him indulging in his favorite delicacy.

Other sweet gestures

This is not the first time Australian paramedics grant the last wish of a dying patient. Previously, they helped a woman to see the beach for the last time.

Kind deeds like these are very important as they create the last happy memories for terminally ill people.

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