4th Grader Adam Kornowski Blew Everyone Away With His Stunning Rendition Of John Lennon's "Imagine"

June 6, 2018 16:43

John Lennon's most well known and loved by many song was Imagine.

To this day, its lyrics touch on the issue of the modern world and, perhaps, will forever be fitting for every generation. Imagine implores its listeners to aim for world peace and unite as one with other people.

Imagine is still one of the most-performed songs, and every artist brings something special to their version.

Angelic cover

During a recent school talent show, 4th grader Adam Kornowski left everyone speechless when he performed Imagine for his classmates, teachers, and parents.

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According to the Facebook post, there wasn't a single dry eye in the audience. When you listen to Adam's voice, you can understand why.

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Adam sounds like a little angel. His singing is touching and absolutely beautiful. This is definitely one of the best versions of John Lennon's legendary song.

People are in love

Facebook commenters were completely blown away by Adam's performance.

Adam touched so many hearts with this song, we hope he continues to share his talent with the world.

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