Eileen Ash, The Oldest Living Cricketer, Turned 107 This Year. She Reveals The Secret To Her Long Life

November 8, 2018 16:30

Ever thought of defying age with more than just looks? Learn from the lady whose sheer diligence has allowed her to experience a whole century. Her soul doesn't have a wrinkle!

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Eileen Ash is the oldest living test cricketer in England's history. She's been on the go for 107 years, and she's not done yet! She was born on October 30, 1911, with the spirit of a true champion. Her career stretched a total of 12 years, from 1937 to 1949, in which she received international recognition.

On her birthday, International Cricket Council honored the wonderful Eileen by sharing a video of her doing yoga with England's current women's team captain, Heather Knight. Truly a treat to watch passion above and beyond generations!

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Her secret to a long life

Ash celebrated having a sports auditorium named after her by shooting some basketball hoops. She officially inaugurated the $3m facility at the Hewett Academy in Norwich. Eileen no longer participates in the game, but keeps herself remarkably fit with the yoga classes she has attended for 30 years now. 

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Her secret to a long life is not some fancy remedy or herbal formula. According to Eileen, liking people keeps her going. Her compassion for humanity is what makes her want to live every bright day, she told BBC News, in addition to sharing her plans to learn martial arts:

As long as you can keep breathing, you're OK.

The secret here is love and kindness!

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People admire her strength

Such persistence only deserves deep appreciation. Eileen was a symbol of silent women's empowerment in her era. Now, social media users look up to her as an advocate of great health.

Happy birthday, Eileen! Share this to wish her many more years!

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