Holy Moly! Elderly Woman Changed Her Hair Color To Bright Orange And It Made Her Look 10 Years Younger


March 12, 2019 16:47 By Fabiosa

Ruslan Tatyanin might be a name we hear for the very first time today but in the beauty industry, he is the King of transformations. Tatyanin was dubbed as “maestro of long hair” by the media and let us tell you, when that man touches your hair, be sure he’ll do some magic with it.

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Ruslan has worked on many TV programs and created numerous images for theatrical performances. His works were featured in famous fashion magazines like Vogue and Bazaar.

We hope we have convinced you already that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to creating new looks and changing people’s life by changing their appearance. And his recent transformation only proves it.

Bold orange

When Faina arrived at Ruslan Tatyanin’s salon, she didn’t know what to expect. But what she did know is that she wanted to feel beautiful and young again.

So how did Tatyanin make her look younger? The answer is orange! The hairstylist colored her hair in a bold orange hue, proving that not only teenagers and millennials can rock bright and crazy hair.

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From boring and old, Faina transformed into a much younger, gorgeous woman. Her green eyes were popping and she looked like a completely new human being.

Tatyanin showed two makeup looks to go with her new hair and we can’t decide which one looks better!

What other hair colors can help women look younger?

Usually, adding highlights or going lighter and richer with your hair color can erase a few years off your face. For example, brunettes might want to try rich red, which will help to add a healthy glow to their faces.

Ladies with tan and olive skin tones should try dark mocha shade. The chocolatey color will take away any dullness and will help you make a statement with your look.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and make sure to consult a professional colorist before making any drastic choices.

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