Style Guru Visits Nursing Homes & Gives Women Free Makeovers: Their Faces Were Instantly Lit Up!

May 17, 2019 17:42

Old women living in nursing homes have a lot that needs to be taken care of. They might spare time to hang the photos of their loved ones in a tiny room or hold the memories close above all. They remember to maintain everything except themselves. 

It's really important to make them realize who they are rather than who they've been. Every woman is beautiful in her own way but the progressive age scratches that notion from her mind. 

An inspiring beauty-mission

A New York-based stylist named Alida Rubin has initiated a unique campaign, "Queen for a day." Her makeover mission targets old age women to give them a transformation of a lifetime. Being a senior herself, she connects with her subjects very well. 

One by one, she offered a free makeover to ladies who's forgotten how gorgeous they are. She believes that makeup is actually a form of therapy, which never fails for women. The residents of Bayberry Care Center appreciated her work with broad priceless smiles.

Their looks were subtle but, really moving, The senior gems could now shine their brightest. Their own essence and personality were also saved during the modification. They are totally worth the glam-up!

People admired Alida for her awesome work


It's amazing how much younger these women look after your work! Every one of these women!!


Making a beauty even more beautiful ❤️💫❤️


It’s very good darling she’s looking marvellous .. your work is Spectacular


 This woman is truly beautiful

Rubin gave these women confidence in feeling comfortable in their etched skin. They have stories to tell of lives they have nurtured. And now, the pride will be radiated through their lit up faces.