Women Refuses To Give Up Her Long Hair During Makeover: How Did The Stylist Find A Way Around It?


March 13, 2019 10:33 By Fabiosa

Youngsters never worry about the grey hairs as they believe the on-set would be after their 50's. But, there are many factors that can trigger the white hairs to grow on early. Not to worry though, experts have got remedies for its management!

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The Goodhousekeeping magazine has listed out many things that can cause the hairs to turn grey. As it turns out, even your lifestyle choices may lead to it. Stress and ethnicity can be the main culprits.

Other than that, silver locks are a bigger problem than they appear to be. These strands tend to bleach themselves and become resistant to dyes. So, maintenance is the key, ladies!

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Transformation with a condition

A woman in her early 40's named Nikki arrived from Redwood Falls, Minnesota, at Makeover Guy's studio in Minneapolis. Her issue was very common – early greys! She was rather nervous about losing length, so the stylist had to be extra careful while transforming her.

Christopher ultimately used a brilliant technique to add color and contrast with light and dark. Wasn't easy though! Then, he spent time creatively layering the hair so the thick in the back balanced the thinner hair on the top and sides.

The end result was just stunning, to say the least. Complimentary makeup gave her the confidence to sport her new look.

Can you believe it's the same woman?

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Another style correction

Makeover Guy has been mastering his skills for a very long time. It's obvious that he actually has absolute wonders to fill in his portfolio. Earlier, he transformed a senior citizen and shed years off her appearance. Like magic, right?

This particular stylist realizes how different women have different styling needs. One key doesn't open all doors, after all!

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