"It's My Year": Woman Celebrates Her Survival From Lung Cancer With A Total Rebirth Makeover

October 15, 2019

A woman's mental condition often reflects through her hairstyle. There is no way ladies can ignore grooming their tresses. A messy hair-do implies a state of hustle, stress, and confusion.

But, did you know your health is also depicted the same way? Dull and brittle hair foretell deficiencies while premature graying signals anxiety issues.

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After recovering from a disease, it is advised to get a haircut. It is a chance to embrace a rejuvenated self and shed the sickened strands. When your body suffers, so does your tresses. Don't forget to address them as well while on the mend.


Celebratory makeover

68-year-old Susan from Omaha, Nebraska had a near-death experience, earlier in April this year. She had only a 10% chance of survival from surgery to remove cancerous quacks in her lungs.

After that, she wanted to live in the moment and wave goodbye to her old looks. Susan chose the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins to do the job.

The stylist lightened the weight of her thick mane by chopping her locks to a shorter cut. He also dyed her hair to a dark auburn hue to pull the focus away from her silver strands.

After her stunning transformation, Susan was overwhelmed and thanked her makeup artist. She exclaimed with boosted confidence:

It's 'Year Susie'. It's my year!

People think her youth was royally revived

@Linda Lentz:

Gorgeous and she looks 20 years younger

@Dora Thorne

Yea Susie, it is indeed your year, I can see it in your smile and in your eyes. Enjoy every moment. 🌸

@J is Scoobysmom:

She looks so lovely, I wish her many many years of health & joy!


Love it. Total rebirth beautiful! Yes, it’s your year! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Hats off to Christopher Hopkins, he helped yet another woman reclaim her lost beauty. Congratulations to brave Susan on the new magnificent outlook. Share this and compliment the pretty woman.