Ruthless Manager Caught On Camera While Firing A Spanish Worker When Her Kids Advocated Their Mom's Raise

June 12, 2019

It is a common practice of employers all over the world to terminate their workers if they ask for a promotion. They'd rather hire a new one for a lesser pay. However, the following case is beyond humiliating. 

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Women are especially discriminated at the workplace. Just last year, Kira 7 had reported the story of a lady who was fired after telling her boss she was pregnant. Kameisha Denton served at Jersey Mike's Sub Shop in Marysville. She only received a text that she couldn't work there anymore after asking for maternity leave.

Fired in front of her own kids

The plight of Connie Fuentes Aguirre was that she was not only a woman but also a minority in the USA. Her children were eating at the restaurant where their mom was recruited. They wanted to advocate for their mother who was too scared to ask the manager of her overdue raise.

Her son Ivan reached out to the manager Trina. In response, the whole family was introduced to her wrath. She screamed at them and accused them of creating drama. The lady in the video even threatened to call security. She barked:

You just got your mom fired. Get the hell out of my restaurant right now! 

Speaking in defense of his mother, the confused boy responded:

I’m just trying to translate for my mom, and you’re kicking me out.

Karma caught up with Trina 

The restaurant Corelife Eatery's upper management took control of the situation. It was later revealed by KSL that Trina was discharged from her job too. Company's spokesperson Chris Thomas stated:

More importantly, we are in the process of reaching out to our employee to apologize and begin steps to make the situation right.

The GoFundMe campaign was initiated to help Commie's family. They were able to collect $5,000 in donations.

They channeled negativity into something inspiringly positive. We are glad that justice finally found its way to them and hope the hardworking mom gets the big salary she truly deserves.