"She Looks 20 Years Younger": 66-Year-Old 'Hippie' Undergoes Glamorous Makeover And People Are Speechless!

September 9, 2019

Life is meaningless without changes, including in own appearance. Due to human beings' emotional nature, we seek for something transformative — something that will make us look more beautiful, younger, and more unique.

According to Pennsylvania-based psychologist Rebecca Newman, people tend to change their physical appearance after intense or difficult emotions as it provides "immediate relief."

66-year-old "hippie" Debby Hailey, who had the same hairstyle for nearly four decades, underwent a glamorous transformation that made her look like a movie star.

Christopher Hopkins, affectionately known as The Makeover Guy, used his talent and skills to help Debby stop looking like an untidy and fading female.

He cut off her long grey hair and transformed it into a charming reddish chin-length hairdo. Per always, the appearance aficionado added some professional makeup onto the former hippie's face and definitely made her spark from miles away! Debby Hailey concluded:

I feel like I'm beautiful again and I had lost that now I feel like I'm getting it back. It's a good feeling.

Honestly, we think such a red color looks pretty refreshing and beautiful on women 60+. It only augments the best features, doesn't it?

People adored Debby's incredible makeover and we support every word!

@kathleen podbielski:

Perfection! You are gorgeous! Love the color and cut! 💕

@Bonnie Lemmon:

WOW 😮. She looks fabulous. A perfect makeover 😊

@Andromeda Native:

My god she is a redhead bombshell

@Dr Teddy:

That hair color! I'm so jealous 😱 She looks gorgeous! 🌹

@Happy Place:

She looks 20 years younger thanks to her haircut.

Indeed, the hair color was perfectly chosen! It only accentuated Debby's expressive eyes and adorable cheekbones. We definitely agree she looks 20 years younger!