7 Types Of Rude People And Daily Scenarios We Can't Stand, And Tips On How To Deal With Them

January 30, 2019 16:43

No one likes being around rude people. Their appalling behavior often instigates rudeness, which creates too much negativity to be a part of. There are several unpleasant situations we all know too well and hate being involved in, but do you know how to distance yourself from such a moment? Here are most common cases of rudeness and easy tips on how to avoid them.

1. When a customer treats you badly

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Solution: Make it look like what they're saying isn't getting to you and remain confident and polite. Show grace and try to resolve the situation calmly.

2. When a friend reveals your private information in public

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Solution: Be brave and make it look like the information is actually not a big deal and steer the conversation in a different direction. Once alone with your friend, let them know they shouldn't have done it and make yourself heard.

3. Catcalling

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Solution: Just ignore it. But report the behavior if it becomes threatening.

4. When a stranger unsolicitedly touches you or your child

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Solution: Use your body language to reclaim personal space. Move away yourself or your child from the person and try to distract them with a conversation.

5. Someone you're socializing with ignores you to talk on the phone

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Solution: Don't let your anger build up and nicely ask the person to pay attention to you. 

6. When a stranger makes a remark about your appearance

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Solution: Turn the comment around and change the conversation topic. You can also ask the person something about them, but without being snarky.

7. When your co-worker crosses boundaries

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Solution: Politely tell them about what's bothering you. But be direct and firm, they need to hear you.

The most important thing to remember is to always keep your cool and exude strength when another person is trying to set you off. By showing confidence, you take away their power and hold control of the situation. 

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