Mom Is Scared To Allow Her “Evil Mother-In-Law” Hold Newborn Child Because She Believes In Infant “Blanket Training” To Teach Baby Not To Move

October 17, 2019

When it comes to disciplining a child, every parent believes their method is the best for their kids. The truth is, no two parents can have the same disciplinary approach because what works for one kid might not work for the other.

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There are various techniques and ideas, and that could be why this mom isn't on terms with how her mother-in-law corrects children.

The evil mother-in-law

A concerned new mom has taken to Reddit to seek advice about her MIL. She explained that she and her husband welcomed their daughter about two weeks ago.

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Her husband invited his mom to spend some time with them, but she isn't very thrilled about that. She doesn't like to have her "evil MIL" around because she believes in blanket training.

The Redditor explained blanket training as "basically where you put an infant on a blanket and hit them every time they move off it to teach them to stay on the floor where you put them."

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Also, the MIL believes in whipping kids to discipline them. The new mom doesn't buy into such methods and would rather not have anyone who does around her child. However, her husband wants his mom to bond with her grandchild.

Apart from her MIL's cruel discipline methods, the user doesn't like that she's always rude to her.

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"I've only met her four times, but she was mean to me every single time. She told me I dressed like a "streetwalker" and made fun of my accent and where I'm from, for example. She's very, very loud and rude in general."

She would rather have her mom around and doesn't know how to talk to her husband about it. Many internet users have advised her to stand her ground and keep her MIL away.

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"Nope, take the baby and your mom and go to a nice café or park for the rest of the day. Don't tell your husband. If he can make plans without consulting you, why shouldn't you?"

"Go stay in a hotel until she's gone. Trust your instincts."

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"I wouldn't let that woman near my kids. She sounds downright dangerous. Blanket training and hitting babies? Sadly your husband is not on your side. Look into marriage counselling and keep your mom around the entire visit mil is there."

Every mother knows what's best for her child. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean she would be free of critics who attack her parenting skills.

How then do you handle such? For a mother-in-law, it is best to respectfully explain how you feel about the criticism and involve your partner.

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Also, you could seek her opinions on things you don't care about and use it as a means of validating her.

It is quite normal for people to criticize the way you discipline your kids. But as a parent, it is advised you don't succumb to every suggestion and always put your kids' best interests at heart.