7 Impressive Modern Beard Trends That Hit The Internet

December 20, 2018

For decades, beard and mustache are considered a sign of masculinity and male charm. In fact, a lot of Hollywood celebs made their beards or mustaches their signature style. However, some of the modern beard trends will blow your mind. 


Beard trend will live forever

For the majority of nations, facial hair on men is considered as a sign of masculinity, which traditionally attracts women.

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Even nowadays, in the 21st century, this trend still rocks. According to the fashion experts, a ‘beard trend’ will not disappear anywhere.

Dylan Portner, a director of the popular barbershop in Toronto, shared his opinion:

Beards are still very on-trend. They’re changing, but they’re not going away anytime soon.

R- ghonsalez /

Over the years, the beards’ popularity has grown drastically. Here are some of the most mind-blowing beard transformations that literally hit the Internet worldwide.

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1. These two pals hit the Instagram by the collective name The Gay Beards.

2. How about a curly beard?

3. Nate Johnson: A long-bearded actor rocks!

4. Add some Baubles.

5. Ombré beards are on style.

6. Beard garden.

7. Coloring in yellow.

Amazing! We are speechless.

What about you, dear ladies? Would you like your man to have one of these spectacular beard transformations?

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