Hunter's Moon Danger Alert! Did The Full Moon Affect Your Health While You Went About Your Day?

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October 25, 2018 11:52 By Fabiosa

On October 24, a full moon known as the Hunter's Moon appeared, and for many, this rare sight was a chance to get in touch with their inner stargazers, but did it also expose them to harm?

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What is Hunter's Moon really?

This unusual phenomenon is just like every other moon except that it looks red when observed from the earth. The reason for this is its proximity to the setting sun.


It follows right after the Harvest Moon which took place last month. And became known as the Hunter's Moon because the extra light it gave helped hunters catch nocturnal animals.

It might be harmful to humans - study claims

The name was originally used by people of the Algonquin Native American tribes. For them, it signaled the beginning of hunting season in preparation for winter. Unfortunately, for all its benefits, the moon could have side effects that are dangerous and life-threatening. 

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A study done in 2006 showed that the lunar cycle can affect people with pre-existing chronic conditions. For instance, people with gastrointestinal hemorrhage were reportedly admitted more on days with full moons, especially men with variceal hemorrhage.

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It is not yet know how exactly the full moon affects a sick person's chances of survival, but the author of the study found that people with cardiovascular emergencies were more likely to lose their lives during this period. And, wait for it, crime rates also increased on days with full moons! All of this is tempting to believe. What do you think?!

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