Mom Warns About The Danger Of Baby Oils After A Terrifying Experience With Her 18-Month-Old. How Can This Product Harm A Child?

December 3, 2018 12:21

Skincare products designed for babies seem to be safe, and even many adults use them on themselves as baby products are milder. However, some of them, including baby oil, become a dangerous poison when ingested or inhaled. This is a life lesson that JennaJoy Ingraham wishes she never had to learn the way she did.

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JennaJoy’s story

JennaJoy was home with her husband, Casey, and their two kids. She was busy taking care of her 3-year-old and her husband was in the bathroom, when their 18-month-old son, Graysen, grabbed a bottle of baby oil and had a taste, she told CafeMom.

JennaJoy and Casey thought nothing of it at first. Then, just moments later, little Gray went limp. The mom recalled:

He was basically awake, but non-responsive with the slowest blinks I’ve ever seen.

The worried parents immediately called the nurse and described what happened. She told them to call Poison Control, and that’s when they grew even more concerned. Poison Control told them to take their son to the ER.

Casey took Gray to hospital and JennaJoy stayed home with their older son, Bry. At the hospital, Casey was told to stay there for a few hours to see if any symptoms appeared.

Why was there so much fuss because of baby oil, something seemingly harmless? That’s because baby oil can cause serious trouble if someone accidentally inhales it and it gets into the lungs.

Casey and Gray spent a few hours at the hospital and went home. Gray’s X-rays were fine, but his parents were told to watch for respiratory symptoms. After the ordeal was over, JennaJoy took to Facebook and wrote a post about the horrible experience to warn other parents:

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What’s the danger of swallowing baby oil?

If baby oil — a hydrocarbon — is swallowed, it can easily slip into the wrong tube, down the windpipe. If a child gets his hands on baby oil or another hydrocarbon, swallows it, and it goes to the lungs, he may develop symptoms such as choking, coughing, and fever. Hydrocarbon aspiration may cause pneumonia and even death, according to Poison Control.

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Poison Control lists some other types of common household hydrocarbons, including lamp oil, torch fuel, lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, heating oil, hair oil, and some kinds of furniture polish. Needless to say, all of these should be kept away from babies and toddlers.

If you think a child may have swallowed baby oil or other hydrocarbon (even if just a little), call a doctor immediately.

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