Incredible Transformation: This Woman's Nose Wouldn't Stop Growing Because Of A Condition, But She Got A Stunning Makeover On 'The Doctors'

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November 2, 2018 19:59 By Fabiosa

Part of the reason why The Doctors is one of the most popular medical shows is that it often features miraculous transformations. One of the people who got help on the show is Pamela Ichard, who wowed the audience when she appeared on the show again after a stunning makeover.

The Doctors / YouTube

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Pamela’s story

Before Pamela turned 15, she had perfect skin. That’s when puberty hormones struck, and the girl developed red bumps on her face. But it wasn’t just typical adolescent acne – Pamela was later diagnosed with rosacea.

The Doctors / YouTube

The woman tried different treatments, but nothing worked. When she got pregnant with her second child, fluctuating hormones struck again, and red bumps on her face became the lesser problem...

The Doctors / YouTube

Pamela noticed that her nose started to grow and change its shape. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, and Pamela’s nose grew more and more. It reached the point where she was so embarrassed she was afraid to go outside.

The Doctors / YouTube

That’s when Pamela turned to The Doctors for help. She was diagnosed with rhinophyma, which is a subtype of rosacea. Doctors were surprised that the woman had it, as it’s more common in men and in people of older age. It’s not exactly clear what triggered the condition in Pamela’s case, but changing hormone levels could be to blame.

But what could be done about it? The Doctors enlisted a board-certified dermatologist’s help. The dermatologist, Dr. Ann Zedlitz, explained what procedures Pamela would have to undergo to make her nose smaller and improve her skin and offered the treatment free of charge. Pamela cried the tears of joy.

The Doctors / YouTube

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How does Pamela look after treatment?

Viewers and the show’s panel alike were deeply touched by Pamela’s story, and they anxiously waited for her follow-up appearance. And when the woman appeared on the show again, everyone’s jaws dropped!

The Doctors / YouTube

There she was, radiant and confident, with a completely different look. Pamela’s condition had been tormenting her for years, and now she was finally able to look in the mirror and feel good about herself.

The Doctors / YouTube

We hope Pamela feels how she looks and finally has the well-deserved happiness and self-confidence!

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