Celebrity Plastic Surgery: What Happened To Donatella Versace's Face? And A Good Reason Not To Go Under The Knife

August 6, 2018

Has Donatella Versace gone too far with plastic surgeries?

We know Donatella Versace as a fashion designer and the vice president of one of the best-known Italian fashion houses. And there something else that even people who aren’t interested in fashion know her for: she is a fan of plastic surgeries.


It’s not clear whether Versace, who is 63 now, went under the knife to enhance what nature gave her, or she simply wanted to stop nature from taking its course. Anyway, if you look at her old photos, it’s pretty obvious that her face has undergone a lot of changes.


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If you ask experts in the field, namely cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, most of them agree that Versace has had a lot of work done on her face, and it appears only her nose has remained untouched.

gettyimages asked plastic surgeons what specific procedures Versace may have undergone. Dr. Steve Fallek, a well-known plastic surgeon, said:

She’s pretty much had it all. Botox, fillers, lasers for the skin. Minimal recovery time for those, though there can be some redness of the skin for a few weeks with laser therapy.

He added she may have also had “face lift and eyes and brow lift”.


Dr. Bruce Katz from Juva Skin & Laser Center in NYC thinks Donatella has overdone it with Botox:

She has had her cheeks augmented, probably with filler and certainly her lips have been filled, her eyelids are a little droopy. I think she has had some bad Botox because they look like they are drooping. Maybe a little too much Botox in the forehead. She certainly can use some filler in her ear lobes, they are very stretched.


Dr. David Rapaport agreed with his colleagues. He said:

From 2002 on her face seems to have more artificially defined fullness where now her lips seem to be over inflated. Most recently, it seems very clear that she has a facelift scar that I can see in front of her temple area you can see a fine linear scar. Her face looks more taught and tight, she has clearly undergone facelift surgery — perhaps over inflated cheeks and lips.

He also added:

It appears as if her nose has never been done. Mainly I would say a facelift. Somewhere between 2011-2014 she had one. The hairline has been lifted too high, it shouldn’t end that high above the ear — it could be because she has had more than one, but we can’t know that for sure.

Donatella Versace is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world of fashion, so you can say she must know a thing or two about beauty. Anyway, many experts and Donatella’s fans alike agree that she went overboard with plastic surgery. As most experts would tell you, plastic surgery is a success if the result doesn’t look artificial.

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Plastic surgeries are getting more popular, but there’s a good reason to think twice about getting work done  

Plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures have always been popular among celebrities, as they are always in the spotlight and they want to look perfect. Recent statistics reveals that plastic surgery is also getting more and more and more common among the general population: according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 17.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2017 (surgical procedures account for 1.8 million of these).

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If you’re thinking about going under the knife, think long and hard. Many of those who decide to have plastic surgery regret it later, as they aren’t satisfied with the results.

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According to the Aesthetic Surgery Institute about a third of people who got a facelift weren’t satisfied in the long term. According to another study, teenage girls who had cosmetic surgery were prone to depression and anxiety, and that goes on to show that plastic surgery doesn’t always make people feel better about themselves.

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What’s the takeaway? Think twice before having plastic surgery, as you may not get the results you have expected. Learn to love what nature gave you. You’re beautiful just the way you are!

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