Don't Let People Kiss Your Baby: Woman Shares The Photos Of Her Sick Baby To Warn Other Parents

June 22, 2018

Newborns are extremely fragile, we all know that. However, not everyone fully realizes the meaning of that. Babies are highly susceptible to lots of diseases, as their underdeveloped immune system cannot fight off the infection, which can even lead to death. Claire Perkins shares the story of her niece nearly dying to neonatal herpes, and stresses the simple rules that can prevent such horrible scenario from happening.

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Claire Perkins' story

Claire Perkins nearly lost her little girl because of cold sores. She decided to share two disturbing photos of the baby to warn other parents that any infection can be fatal for babies before 3 months old, especially the one caused by herpes virus. The aunt says:

Before 3 months old, a baby cannot fight the herpes virus. If a baby contracts this, it can cause liver and brain damage and lead to death.

Claire’s friend had told her about this fact, and thanks to this information, the mother recognized the symptoms early on and got her to A&E. Luckily, the baby girl survived with the doctors' help. Claire raises awareness about one simple rule that can prevent similar stories from happening:

The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth, even if they don't look like they have a cold sore – 85% of the population carry the virus. And if someone had a cold sore, ask them to stay away until it has gone.

How can a baby catch herpes?

A baby can get infected if the mother had genital herpes during the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy. Two other ways of transmitting the virus are:

  • through kisses by a person who has a cold sore;
  • breastfeeding a newborn with herpes sores on the breast.

Remember, cold sores are not contagious only after they completely healed.


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What are the signs of neonatal herpes?

Because of the newborn’s underdeveloped immune system, the disease may spread to different organs and even damage the liver and brain. Contact your doctor or midwife immediately after noticing any of the symptoms. According to doctors, if widespread herpes is not treated timely, it is very likely that the baby will die. The symptoms to watch out for include:

  • sleepiness and lack of energy;
  • cold sores;
  • lack of appetite;
  • fever;
  • constant crying;
  • difficulties with breathing;
  • blue tongue and skin (cyanosis);
  • rash;
  • seizures.

Kopytin Georgy /

Claire Perkins’, as well as doctors’, advice is not to allow anyone to kiss your baby. Also, it is important to wash your hands before touching the newborn or before breastfeeding. It is highly recommended to cover up any cold sores to prevent accidental contact.

We thank Claire Perkins for raising awareness and wish health and happiness to her family! Take care and stay healthy!

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