Warning: Getting Your Hair Washed At A Beauty Salon Can Cause A Serious Life-Threatening Condition

June 1, 2018 14:19

Ladies, those of you who visit beauty salons, beware: Beside wasted money on the pleasure of having a fresh look, there’s a serious danger hiding in small detail. It is called beauty parlor stroke syndrome, and it can lead to migraine-type headaches, slurred speech, weakness, fainting, and other dangerous conditions.

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What is it?

Beauty parlor stroke syndrome can occur when you’re simply getting your hair washed with shampoo. The pleasant procedure begins with you leaning back over the sink. It is where you hyperextend your neck and form pressure in the vertebral artery. This can lead to a tear in the artery and formation of a blood clot.

A medical term for beauty parlor stroke syndrome is vertebral artery dissection caused by hyperextension of the neck. A vascular surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, Peter Gloviczki M.D., says that the syndrome can happen if your neck is not properly supported during the procedure, and if it remains malpositioned for more than 10-15 minutes.

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When can it happen?

Specialists explain that the similar thing can happen to people due to what may seem innocuous events at first sight, including sneezing, doing yoga, stretching, or even getting out of bed awkwardly. The neck is a vulnerable and extremely important part of our body, which should be properly trained to prevent any traumas or similar syndromes.

Although the risk of beauty parlor stroke syndrome is pretty low, you should be aware of it. Moreover, you should know the possible consequences of this rare condition. 48-year-old Elizabeth Smith, in San Diego, California, experienced weakness of her left leg and arm after a hair wash in a beauty salon. And just a week later, she almost died to a massive stroke. Luckily, the woman survived but was left with permanent strength, balance, and vision issues.

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Doctors’ advice is to strengthen your neck muscles with regular special exercises and to request a padded neck area on the wash basin next time you visit your beauty salon for a haircut.

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