Science May Have Figured Out Why Many People Would Rather Stay In Unhappy Relationships Than Break Up

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October 24, 2018 18:11 By Fabiosa

Breakups can be difficult. But it's necessary sometimes, especially when one or both partners are feeling unhappy about the relationship. Despite this, some people would rather stay in a bad relationship than leave. And science may have figured out why.

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A new study has some answers

In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it was found that people are hesitant to break up a relationship because they are concerned about how the other person feels. How the breakup can impact their partner plays a big role in the decision of whether or not to leave.

The study dealt into the theory that when some people want to break up, they do not only focus on their own feelings but on others as well. As a result, the more reliant their partner is on them, the less likely they are to end things. 

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Lead author of the study Samantha Joel gave further explanations on the findings they made. She said that we generally do not want to hurt our partners and in spite of our unhappiness, we also consider their own wants and feelings. 

The problem is that we can’t always accurately predict exactly how the other person will feel if the relationship does end. You might think a breakup will cause complete devastation on their part, but in fact, they could well be signing up to Tinder instead of sobbing into the Ben & Jerrys.

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So the point is, it's not a smart idea to hang onto a broken relationship out of worry that the other person will be too upset about a breakup. While this may mean you're a kind and caring person, it doesn't do anyone any good to stay in an unhappy relationship.

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How does one get over a breakup?

A study has also provided a formula for getting over a breakup. Sure, it's not probable that this process can be broken down to a few scientific rules, but they are worth considering. /

After analyzing 24 participants, the researchers concluded on the following methods for getting past your ex.

  1. Thinking negatively about your ex.
  2. Accepting your love for them without judgment.
  3. Distract yourself.

The scientists discovered that these three strategies resulted in a decreased level of the participants' emotional responses to their pictures of their exes.

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