Mother Shuts Down A Man Who Parent-Shamed Her For Using Phone While With 2 Kids At A Grocery Store

October 15, 2019

Parent-shaming is more difficult to address but, much easier to pass on. It adversely affects the body and the brain, triggering stress, anxiety, and even depression.

This painful emotion associated with inconsolable guilt. Such public embarrassment stricks way deeper and can lead to dreadful consequences.

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As phycologist Carla Maly told Fatherly, if left unchecked, shame can become a truly destructive core belief. She says shame is the sneakiest of feelings. It can mask itself with other physical and psychological symptoms. A parent's confidence tumbles down while handling the baby. With no credence, nothing good comes out.

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Shamed for using the phone

Tracy Bennett's story has been picked up by Today as it has gone viral on the internet. She was at Costco on September 27 with her two children: Elliot, 2, and Isaac, 7 months. Unluckily, the mother lost her membership card and stood at the till to resolve the issue. She dialed customer support and waited for assistance.

A man approached her and complained:

You see these babies? They fuss like that because they want your attention. Maybe you should get off of your phone and give them your attention.

She wrote an open letter to shut down the critics who underestimate parents' devotion to their children. Tracy slammed the man for worsening her situation. She conveyed publically that all mothers are in the best interests of their children. You have no idea what she goes through. The mum strictly advised:

If you have nothing kind or supportive to offer her, please mind your own business.

Women agreed with her and shared their own similar experiences

@Maria Muñiz:

When my son has had meltdowns at Walmart, I have had older people start talking to him because they know that usually works to calm them down because they get embarrassed or shy. Very helpful for me and I’m pretty thankful for those people.

@Jaclyn DelCorte:

I had a similar thing happen to me in the grocery store. That woman hopefully learned a lesson that day. You keep your mouth shut and mind your own business. I take my kids everywhere because this is how they learn.

@Sarah Hubner:

Me. Yesterday. The eye roll I got from ANOTHER MOTHER when I politely apologized for my older two children, who were happily walking through stop and shop, when they got in the way of her cart. I apologized with a smile, while pushing a screaming baby in a stroller, only to receive a huff and an eye roll. I don’t understand some people. And I know I never will.

@Mariah Newman:

This is the problem with parenting in our society. Everyone is so quick to judge but not lend a helping hand.

Bravo Tracy, you certainly got a powerful message across. As a human, we should already be equipped with empathy. But, still there is a need to say it in words: Instead of judging, lend a helping hand! The world will be changed by your example, not your opinion.