Wedding Guest Faces Criticism Online After Wearing White To The Big Day And Going As Far As Posing With The Bride's Bouquet

October 15, 2019 10:08

When it comes to a wedding, it isn't just the bride that dreams of looking her best. Some wedding guests are also very excited to show off their style and their most fashionable looks.

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Usually, guests are allowed to wear whatever they want, unless otherwise stated. However, one color that's frowned upon is white. This is reserved for the bride.

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Wearing white as a bride is a very traditional move and it's inadvisable for guests to come to the big day with that color as it gives the idea that they are trying to compete with the bride for attention on her big day. Generally, this is seen as rude and tacky. Plus, it's unfair if you show up in a white dress and leave people confused about who the bride is.

White dress saga

A bride was not very thrilled when one of her guests decided to show up at the event wearing what looked very much like a white dress.

A picture of the bride standing beside the guest, who was described as a popular Hungarian Instagram girl, was shared on Reddit and users were quite shocked by the guest's choice of dress.

The girl on the left is a popular Hungarian Instagram girl, according to her she is not wearing white dress from r/weddingshaming

The guest was wearing a white midi dress, white heels and even a white blazer over her shoulder while the bride had on a strapless white dress. In the photo, the wedding guest also seemed to be holding the bride's bouquet and posed proudly for a photo.

The poster stated that the guest believed what she was wearing wasn't white.

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The whole thing came off as tacky based on the comments that followed the post.

@CFoureks commented:

I wonder why she’s holding the bouquet like that. Is she showing off her lines or something? Making sure we see the whole outfit?

@IggyBall said:

Tacky AF! There are some shades of light pink/light blue/light yellow that I wouldn’t even wear to a wedding because they could look close to white in pics, let alone off white.

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@greina23 wrote:

Technically she isn't wearing white (but still in the white area category and tacky AF). Her coat/blazer though is white. The dress looks good and definitely not wedding appropriate.

Other wedding guests dos and don'ts

Apart from not wearing white, there are other things that wedding guests should consider. According to Glamour, Some things you should remember include;

  • Make sure you RSVP;
  • Don't assume it's okay to bring a date;
  • Turn off your phone during the ceremony:
  • Be aware of the dress code;
  • Don't forget to have fun.

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A wedding is a great opportunity to socialize and celebrate with those who are near and dear to you. The last thing you want to do on a special day such as this is to invite unwanted drama.

Pay attention to the rules, and consider the feelings of the bride and groom. It's their day, and you can honor them without hogging the attention or making them uncomfortable.