Don't Leave Them In The Cold! 8 Fruits And Vegetables Better To Keep Out Of Your Fridge

September 11, 2018 09:59

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet. They contain important vitamins, minerals, and fiber that boost your immunity and help you feel more energized throughout the day.

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But in order to consume good fruits and veggies every day, you need to know how to properly store them. Logic tells us we should put everything we don't want to be spoiled in a refrigerator, but in some cases that instinct is wrong. Let's check out 8 fruits and vegetables you should keep out the ice box in order to get the most out of them.

1. Tomatoes

Keep them on the counter, because cold messes up with their texture and makes it all mushy.

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2. Garlic, onions, and shallots

The fridge can dry their bulbs and they need to breathe. So best keep them somewhere, dry, dark, and cool.

3. Potatoes and yams

Similarly to onions, best to keep potatoes in a dark and dry space to prevent them from sprouting.

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4. Hard squashes

You can keep zucchini in the fridge, but let hard-skinned squashes thrive in room temperatures. Plus you're saving a lot of space in the fridge because those squashes are not small.

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5. Corn

Corn can also dry up in the fridge, so if you're planning to use it within two days, might as well leave it on the counter.

6. Stone fruit

We're talking about plums, peaches, and cherries. Similarly to tomatoes fridge will just ruing their texture and prevent you from getting that juicy goodness when you bite into them.

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7. Pineapple 

Fridge won't hurt it, but if your intention is to keep it from ripening, don't bother. Pineapples won't get any riper after you bring them home, so just let them wait for their time on the counter.

8. Melons

Melons are much more pleasant to it when they're at room temperature. The sweetness comes across better and they're a bit softer than when they're cold.

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How to pick fruits correctly

Of course, before you can bring fresh fruits to your home, you need to know how to pick the right stuff at the store. All fruits should smell sweet, especially at the stem, and give in a little when you press on them. You want you pineapples, avocados, and mangos firm, but not hard or soft. When it comes to tomatoes just make sure their slightly firm and don't have any wrinkles on them.

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Which fruits and veggies do you prefer to keep out of the fridge? Tell us in the comment section!

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