Do You Want To Marry A Car Or Your Chandelier? Here Are 5 Strange Stories That Could Prove That Love Is Everywhere

January 10, 2019 10:02

Are you lonely? According to researchers, at least 46 percent of Americans feel lonely. This shocking statistic brings forth a critical issue as it reveals that loneliness poses a threat to the quality of life of at least half of all Americans.

Further studies reveal that while technology has helped to bridge communication gaps, it has also led to the development of loneliness, as heavy social media users score higher on loneliness. Another dominant predictor of loneliness is sleep deprivation, as people who have less sleep don’t have the drive to interact with others socially.  

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Well, while loneliness truly affects the lives of most people, others have turned to bizarre and shocking love affairs that they claim to be real and fulfilling.

Loneliness forced us to find love in unique places

1. ‘I love a ghost pirate’

For Amanda Teague, love knows no timeline, as she fell in love with the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate named Jack.

After 'communicating' with her pirate for six months, Amanda started dating him and later, they even got married. However, just like all relationships, the love-birds also went through a rough patch as they later divorced.

2. 'It was love at first sight with Lady Liberty'

To most Americans, Lady Liberty is a national symbol of hope and freedom and for Amanda Liberty, seeing the statue's majestic torch and crown, it was love at first sight.

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3. 'I’m engaged to my chandelier!'

Aside from her relationship with the grand Lady Liberty, Amanda is also in love and engaged to a chandelier named Lumiere. For Amanda, every night, she cuddles up with her loved ones who she cannot live without.

4. Man is in a committed relationship with his car

Well, it is no secret that men love their cars but for Nathaniel, his relationship with the car is very deep. To the romantic man from Royal, Arkansas, his relationship to the automobile that he has named Chase is a committed one. For Kim, his roommate, finding of the relationship was shocking since it was 'kind of weird'. However, for Nathaniel, he really cannot explain their relationship since he 'absolutely loves' the car as they always have great conversations with each other.  

tlc uk / YouTube

5. 'I hang out with inflatable animals'

While many people would consider inflatable objects as play toys, it is no game for Mark who totally loves his inflatable animals. Since he was 14-years-old his inflatable dollies gave him the love he never got from his mother. While Mark is aware of the uniqueness of his relationships, he also confesses that he prefers to spend time with his inflatables since they are 'cuddly' and he always has 'someone to talk to'.

Could the love of objects be ‘real love'?

Well, while the jury is out on whether it is possible for human being to fall in love with objects, psychologists discuss that objectophilia is a condition where people have strong feelings for items or structures. While these relationships are incomprehensible to most people, to them their attraction, love, and commitment are real as these objects have souls, intelligence, and even feelings.

Whereas it would be impossible to decipher the truth in these relationships since some people might fake them for attention and fame, their stories reveal the impacts of loneliness in the lives of individuals.

Constantin Stanciu /

For these unique souls, feelings of loneliness and being left out led to an unprecedented addiction with objects as they consider them to mean more than their functional realities.

Have you ever been attracted to any object in your house? Maybe that blender or cup you always use? Would you call it love?

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