Julia Roberts And Leonardo Dicaprio’s Mom Were The First To Show Off Their Body Hair. Now, Girls Have Started A 'Very Hairy' Viral Campaign

January 11, 2019

For most women, how they are seen by the world matters and often times covering what might be considered private or embarrassing in public is most crucial. For Julia Roberts, however, what was just a simple wardrobe malfunction ended up to be her ‘most furry’ public moment as she ‘mistakenly’ showed off her hairy armpits to the world.

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In a Busy Tonight interview, the star actress revealed that indeed, she was not making a statement for any movement then, as she was just being herself. Later, another picture of baby Leonardo DiCaprio surfaced, and while the actor was adorable, her mother stole the show with her hairy armpits, too.

'Januhairy': Let’s grow our armpit hairs out

Well, regardless of their intentions then, it appears that the hairy fever has gone viral and it has given birth to a new trend – 'Januhairy'.

'Januhairy', which is a play on the words, ‘January’ and ‘hairy', is a movement that encourages women to grow their hair and wear it with pride, at least for a month. But how did 'Januhairy' begin? Did it just pop out of nowhere?

The campaign’s brain-child, Laura Jackson, is a University of Exeter (UK) student who, after growing her hair for a performance, noted that people had different reactions to it. While she felt liberated and more confident in her own body, others failed to understand why she did not shave.

Thus, in an age where trends ‘catch on like fire in the wild', she decided to encourage other women to grow their own body hair as a source of pride, since it is their right. And thus, with a simple post, the campaign was born.

In her battle cry, she lamented that people should have pride in their authentic selves, since our bodies are natural.

Society seems to be behaving as if the natural hair we grow on our bodies is unattractive and distasteful... we are becoming unfamiliar with our authentic selves.

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And just as she anticipated, the trend quickly caught on, especially in a cold season, as other women felt that shaving hair is not necessary for them to feel fabulous about themselves.

Reception of 'Januhairy' has been lukewarm

Well, while Jackson and other hairy enthusiasts embraced the challenge whole-heartedly, the campaign received a lukewarm reception since, while some people approved, others were revolted.

Even some men had something to say, as they felt that the hairy campaign was too much.

Nevertheless, the movement still has support among women who feel that it’s their right to do what they want with their bodies.

Regardless of the reception, for women like Jackson, the challenge to get hairy is not just a battle for hair, but for female pride and self-acceptance in the age where body-shaming is an unfortunate reality.

So, will you grow out your armpit hair for Januhairy? Share your comments below. 

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