How To Make New Friends After College? 5 Great Ways For Introverted People

January 21, 2019 14:30

Although it may seem that with the development of modern technologies, as well as the prevalence and diversity of social media it should be rather easy to find new friends, some people may really struggle with this natural thing. It is especially true for people whose college or university days are over. Just one thought of making new friends can trigger serious frustration. And it is also true that the older a person gets the harder it can be for them to find new friends. Why can it be so hard and how to make new friends when you are no longer a student?

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How to make friends after college?

It is reasonable to assume that people who experience troubles with making new friends are somewhat introverted. It is important to notice that being an introvert is perfectly normal. However, such people can indeed have difficulties with establishing friendly connections. This article is especially useful for such people.

Colleges provide people with numerous opportunities for making new friends: from attending student clubs to living in the dorms. However, what happens in adulthood is that you have to find these opportunities yourself. Whether you have moved to a new city or lost contact with your old friends, you need to find new ones. So what are your options?

1. Open events

If you are not particularly an introverted person, you can visit diffrent open events dedicated to a topic you are interested in. Lots of people attend these, so the chances you meet your future best friend are pretty high. Also, isn’t it super easy to make friends with someone who has the same interests? Moreover, such events can be incredibly fun even if you haven’t made any acquaintances there.

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2. Friends of friends

There’s a good chance that you can get along with your friend’s friends. It is a great idea to meet them first before encountering complete strangers. If you have at least one good friend, make a small meeting and see what happens. The companies of 4-5 people are much less stressful for introverts than huge parties and open events, that’s for sure.

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3. Using technologies

Nowadays, there’s probably an app literally for anything. And there are certainly dozens of apps that could potentially help you find a new bff. Don’t be ashamed of using them! If you don’t like huge crowds, you could make new friends while chilling in your room and meet them in person later.


4. Taking classes

Another wonderful way of making new friends in a new city is to take classes. It can be virtually anything. Have you always wanted to learn how to dance or sing in a choir? By taking classes, you are solving two problems at once: opening up to the possibility of making new friends and fulfilling your dream.

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5. Facebook communities

Depending on your city, there are hundreds of different communities on Facebook. Such groups often gather people who share specific interests, so you could easily adapt. Take an active part in the community, and who knows, maybe you’ll make some new great friends.

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Making new friends can be hard especially after 30 years of age. You no longer have the opportunities colleges or universities provide. However, often you just have to be open to new connections. Go out and talk to people. Attend parties, dinners, events! And if you really don’t like those kinds of meetings, you can always meet new people online. The XXI century indeed presents hundreds of opportunities to make new friends.

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