Counting Sheep? Here Are 5 Songs To Fall Asleep And Have The Most Wonderful Dreams Ever

December 3, 2018

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep because of the thousands of annoying thoughts swirling in your head? Or maybe you just cannot relax enough to immerse into the world of dreams fast enough and keep tossing and turning? Have you tried listening to music? Calm and soft sounds can put you in a state of trance and help you to fall asleep fast and easy.

According to different experts, relaxing music slows your breathing, lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates muscle tension, and most importantly, calms down your nervous system, which responsible for the most cases of insomnia. Sleep music also impacts your hormones levels, by increasing the production of serotonin and oxytocin and simultaneously decreasing the levels of the stress hormone, called cortisol. We’ve got you a wonderful playlist to listen to at night and fall asleep much quicker.

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Top 5 songs to fall asleep

1. AIR - Playground Love (feat. Gordon Tracks)

We will start with one of the best French electronic duet bands, AIR. The guys have been famous for already more than 10 years and produced lots of great songs. But one, in particular, called Playground Love, is absolutely great to fall asleep to. Not because it is so boring, but because it’s so calming and soft. This song has everything you need to sleep tight: the gentle vocals, smooth melody, and light saxophone.

2. Bon Iver – Holocene

You may or may not know Justin Vernon, but you’ve definitely heard about Bon Iver at least once. The indie folk band gained its popularity mainly for the simple and charming melodies in combination with the singer’s comforting voice. Holocene is a great relaxing song to listen to in your bed. The sound of the looped guitar on the background will make you forget about everything.

3. Marconi Union – Weightless

If you feel like vocals or lyrics disturb you and prevent from falling asleep, try listening to some instrumental music. Marconi Union is a trio from England, who are specialized in music without words, on deep and diverse sounds. Their beautiful composition, Weightless, can surely make you feel like floating in the air. It can clear your mind and set it to sleep mode.  

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4. Peder B. Helland – Soothing Relaxation

Meditation is probably the most efficient way of relaxation in our modern stressful society. It calms both your body and mind. And it is absolutely great and beneficial to do before falling asleep. Some people, especially at the beginning of their practice, might need some support and help from music. There are thousands of relaxing and calming pieces of music online, but we want to recommend this masterpiece below. Try meditating on your bed and listening to these beautiful sounds before falling asleep.

5. Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine

Our absolutely favorite song to listen to before shutting down our human computer was written by the guys from Texas, Explosions In The Sky. Everything is just perfect in this piece of art: the melody, rhythm, atmosphere… You will fall in love with Your Hand In Mine from the very first notes.

It can be hard to fall asleep, especially when you are scared, anxious, or overexcited. It is important to know, however, that you can take things under control. Sleeping pills are not a good option, in most cases. We hope that these songs will help you manage your thoughts, relax your body, and have a good, tight sleep. Share this article with your friends, who also have troubles with falling asleep.

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