Bride Staged Fake Wedding Just To Propose To Her Long-Time Partner Who Was To Be Best Man

September 9, 2019 13:59

Wedding films is an entire differet world of emotions and great charcters. In fact, unexpected wedding scenarios used to be a popular topic for filmmakers. For instance, "Bride Wars" with Anne Hathaway, "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts and many others that touched our souls.

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Sometimes watching those films people might wonder "How did the script writer managed to make up such a fascinating story?" Well, the answer can be quite simple - just look how far people's imagination go when planning their own big day!

Bride staged a wedding to pop the question

For the past two years, Paul Schoproni, has proposed 30 times a day to his partner Aleasha Pilawa - but not once had she said yes.

However, when the time was right, Aleasha had her own proposal plan.

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Basically, 40-year-old Paul thought he was the best man at the wedding of a friend but was given the shock of his life when his girlfriend, Aleasha Pilawa, emerged wearing a wedding dress and started walking down the aisle singing.

All of the guests at the wedding were in on the trick, which presumably made it even funnier that Paul himself had no idea.

In fact, the penny didn't drop for him until Aleasha walked into the venue in a stunning wedding dress, belting out the 1978 Motown hit "It Should've Been Me".

Man's reaction

Quite quickly, given the absurdity of the situation, Paul realizes what is going on and punches the air with joy.

When his bride arrives, she drops to one knee and asks him to marry her.

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However, Paul replied: "No!" and pretended to run away. Yet, it's pretty obvious to see that he's joking.

The pair then wed, and though Paul wasn't really prepared for the big day, he's thrilled to be married.

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But all's well that ends well, and the newlyweds are now planning a honeymoon abroad together. And Paul will know about that, at least!