Warped Identity: Man Discovers Elder Sister To Be His Mother & Parents To Be His Grandparents

October 18, 2019 18:03

Knowing your identity is the most fundamental right of a human being. Unfortunately, the guardians of a child may often believe it's their right to mold his/her perception of self. More than often, it is to protect the clan's name or arrange a preferred settlement.

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Having family secrets is more common than we think. It can be started off as hiding that the father served jail time or the mother was a shoplifter in college days. Or even the subtle facts like the baby was conceived before marriage or the parents never officially united. The heartbreaking thing is that the immediate community or relatives feel it's right to throttle the truth.

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Twisted ancestry

Since childhood, Steve Lickteig thought he was adopted and Don and Mary Jane Lickteig were his step-parents. He lived happily among his 8 siblings until he turned 18, discovering a morbid family secret. His elder sister, Janie was his biological mother.

A night before graduation, Steve's two friends told him his true heritage. His mother fell pregnant as a teenager and being Christians, the family didn't want to let out a word about it. Everyone in the community covered the scandal and were only trying to be good neighbors.

While talking to Today's hosts, Steve explained that it may seem difficult to understand for someone who hasn't lived in the shadow of that kind of deception. For him, bringing reality to the surface was more difficult than keeping it a secret for decades. The man bottled it for another 15 years.

People are upset

@Denisha Tucker:

Family secrets are a cancer; his story is more common than we think

@Shellina Musa:

People often talk about "simpler times" but the truth is that they were just more secretive times.

@Shenice Says:

It’s painful when other people tell you things that your own family should be telling you.

@I am milan:

Your 2 best friends? So even your "friends" knew about your own life before you did? That's tripped out.

@Marleise Rashford:

Parents can ruin a child emotionally by all these wicked secrets.

@Deidre Westover:

At least they didn't leave him on a doorstep. He grew up with love.

With the dawn of new technology, DNA tests and social searches have enabled people to seek their accurate history. would you be interested in digging deep about your family? This story does raise a few doubts in mind, doesn't it?