Woman's Beauty Was Salvaged With A Flattering Haircut After Suffering Baldness From A Severe Illness

July 16, 2019

Hair is the most important feature of a woman's entire look. It can help in framing the face and give all the good angles for posing. Apart from that, a stylish hairstyle has the effect to increase or decrease your age.

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Normally, if the long hair is not maintained, it makes you look old and dreary. It should be fully conditioned to have a lustrous and volume outlook. Short hair is nothing less than an ordeal too. The right hair color matters while carrying bold and trimmed haircuts.

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Life-changing makeover

The Makeover Guy transforms ladies to look their best. He aims to reincarnate the lost beauty of women. This time, it was Lori Anderson from Minnesota. She had almost gone bald on the front crown of her head after suffering from a severe illness. Her hair was medium-lengthened but extremely brittle and lifeless.

The stylist gave her a clean and tight bob cut. The actual magic was done by her hair dye. The coolest shade of pink and cooper was introduced to her dull strands. After looking herself in the mirror, Lori was in shock. Seeing her modernized self, she wants a new name and identity.

People are in awe of her

The commentators approved of Makeover Guy's astonishing talent. He really outdid himself this time. Lori looks more confident, alive and excited for new ventures in life ahead. That's what an artist lives to achieve!

@Peggy Eken:

She looks beautiful! Her eyes really pop, such a pretty blue. Honestly, doesn't look like the same person.

@JM Cast:

I love her comment about having to find something within to match the look. Very insightful

@Lili Whit:

Simply stunning! No wonder she did not recognize herself after the makeover. New look - new beginning:-)

@Joanne Maure:

WOW! She looks like a Kitty from the old western movies! Gorgeous!

@Dawn Ross:

A beautiful woman, you gave her a spark back. Nice job!

@Anna Sims:

You look radiant, your hair is spectacular. What a beautiful new beginning. I wish you well. Enjoy

So, here we unraveled the ultimate mystery of looking youthful and crisp - a great hairstyle. Can you think of more ways that can enhance a woman's beauty? Probably, the simplest one is just a smile!