Man Met Another Woman And Wanted To Get A Divorce, But His Wife's Final Condition Changed His Mind

September 10, 2019

Many couples these days have found it very easy to throw away years of marriage like it was nothing at all. This story of a man and his wife has been on the internet for more than ten years, but it remains evergreen.

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Divorce, or marriage, for that matter, is a crucial decision to make and many rush into it without being sure it is even what they want. Hopefully, this couple's story changes that.

The story of the man and his wife

When her husband got home from work one night and told her he wanted a divorce while she was serving dinner, she did not get mad.

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All she did was ask for his reasons, and when he could not answer, all hell broke loose! She got mad, cried, and threw a fork at him. Unknown to her, her husband had started seeing someone new.

The next morning, her husband presented her with the divorce agreement, but she bitterly rejected it. She broke down in tears in front of him, but he didn't feel moved. He wasn't going to change his mind for anything.

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The next day, he came home to find his wife writing a note; it was her terms of the divorce.

The wife had just one request: that her husband carries her from the bedroom to the living room door every morning for the next month, and that they live their lives normally.

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Her reason being that their son was writing exams for a month and she didn't want to distract him with divorce news. The husband agreed, and so it started with the first day being awkward.

Day by day, the man's sense of intimacy for his wife slowly returned fueled by the fact that his son was joyful to see his dad carry his mum every morning.

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On the last day, the husband knew what he must do and set out to break things off with his concubine only to return home and find out his wife had passed on.

She had been battling cancer for months, but he was too distracted by the other woman to notice.

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People's thoughts on the story

Quite a number of people took to the internet to share their thoughts on the story.

@Debra Smith-Dunn wrote

"A great reminder that we always take what we have for granted and then throw it away so easily then wind up regretting having done so. Thank you for reminding us to love our families."

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@Renita Atalig commented:

"Always remember the love you both had shared. Never throw away a loved one in need."

@Dorsi Roman admitted:

"This is a very beautiful story, and we do need to learn how to appreciate each other more often."

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Unfortunately, it was too late for the husband to rekindle his love with his wife. Hopefully, this story teaches us to focus on the essential things in life.