66-Year-Old Woman Was Excited To Change Her Hairstyle After Several Years But People Think "She Doesn't Look Happy" With The Makeover

October 14, 2019 15:53

Having the right hairstyle is very important if you want to look beautiful, youthful and vibrant. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes so it's crucial to choose what works for you.

Nina Buday /

There's nothing wrong with needing help when figuring out the look that's just perfect and this is when you can choose to go to an expert.

One woman made that decision but at the end of the day, she wasn't really a big fan of the results.

Sherri's makeover

Sherri is a 66-year-old mom that wants something different from her regular appearance. While she was being featured on the Makeoverguy, Sherri said she had an idea of what she wants to look like in her head but her real-life appearance falls short.

As a result, she took the trip to go see the famous stylist and have him do his magic.


By the time the makeover was done, Sherri didn't seem too happy with her transformation. She admitted she looked different from before but she didn't have that "wow" reaction many people often get when they see a better side of themselves after a makeover.

Her expression was lukewarm and the stylist even had to give some explanations about why he chose to make the hair choices he did.

Sherri did have nice things to say about the styling crew, but overall, she just wasn't enthusiastic about her new look.


Viewers didn't miss Sherri's lukewarm reaction to her makeover. And a few of them pointed out that she did indeed look better in the before than in the after.

@Deana commented:

I will be honest, I think the color makes her look older then she is.


@Martina Caffrey believed Sherri wasn't a fan:

She doesn't like it. Her face tells a story lol.

@Edelis preferred the before:

With her own style of makeup and hairdo she looks much more younger.

@Barbara Botanica suspected this look will not last very long on Sherri.

I have the feeling she not wanna keep it.


@Tam Mickelson liked the before too.

Beautiful lady before and after but I like the before better, the color in the after looks odd.

@Donna McK said:

She doesn’t look 66. She doesn’t look happy with the makeover. Hopefully, she was able to play around and find a look she likes.

@MsElle believed Sherri looked older with her new style too.

I’m a hairdresser myself and she definitely didn’t like the result. I get the feeling she put the brakes on when the moment came. Before she could have passed as being in her 50’s but now she looks every inch her age if not older.


Viewers may be right in that this new look may not last very long on Sherri. But we have to give this woman props for being brave enough to try something new.

Usually, it's when you're unafraid to experiment that you'll find something that works perfectly for you. So hopefully, Sherri will keep trying different things until she finds her ideal appearance.

In the end, all that matters is that she's happy and confident.