Woman Who Is Tired Of Looking "Boring" Gets Epic Makeover That Leaves Her Feeling "Gloriously Gorgeous"

September 18, 2019

People feel good when they look good. There are studies that show that physical appearance is positively related to self-esteem level. This explains why many people spend a lot of time and money on the right makeup, outfit, and hairstyle.

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There's nothing quite as empowering as knowing you're looking your very best as you step out into the world. And when you feel like your inner gorgeousness just doesn't match your outward appearance, it can be depressing.

The good news is that anyone can make a change if they don't believe they look as good as they feel. A decent makeover may be the answer, as was the case with this lovely lady.

Dawn's transformation

Dawn wanted to try something different with her appearance. She stated that her look was "very boring" which is something she wasn't used to. So she allowed the Makeoverguy to do his magic.


Before the makeover, Dawn said she wanted to look "gloriously gorgeous." And that was definitely what happened because when they were done, she confirmed that she did indeed look "gloriously gorgeous."

Her hair was a different color, she had on lovely makeup and her happy smile brought the whole look together quite nicely.

Her fun and vivacious personality absolutely shone through even brighter with her new look.


Many viewers applauded Dawn's transformation.

LIBRA SIGN said the woman looked "10-15 years younger," and Kathy Brenneman applauded the makeover too:

What a lovely lady, inside and out. She just seems like such a kind and gentle soul. You took 20 years off of her. The hair is fabulous and the subtle makeup tops off her look. Just enhances what she aleady has. Amazing makeover, good job.


Phyllis Aleshire approved.

Va va voom....she's brought back to gorgeous and what a sweet temperament.

And Rebecca Stratton was impressed as well:

Darling you are just stunning! Best of all, it looks so natural, like it was you all along.


People were generally happy with the makeover and now Dawn no longer has to worry about looking boring.