'My 50-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Asked Me To Be Her Surrogate!': Woman Is Stunned By Her Husband's Mother's Baffling Request

October 24, 2019 11:25

Believe it or not, there are cases when mothers-in-law became surrogates for their sons and daughters in case they were unable to start their own family. Opinions are divided on this topic, but it's often considered a beautiful and selfless thing.

But what if it's the other way around and it's mother-in-law who asks her daughter-in-law for a baby?

Mother-in-law comes to daughter-in-law for a bizarre favor

Reddit user Mattie-Was-Here shared a rather baffling request received from her mother-in-law (further referred to as the MIL). Allegedly, the 50-year-old MIL asked her daughter-in-law (further referred to as the DIL) to be her surrogate.

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The DIL says she's been married to her husband for 3 months and although they've discussed having children in the future, for now they decided to table it as they're both only 23.


Surprisingly, the husband says that his wife being a surrogate for his mother would be a "wonderful thing", but the DIL feels weird as technically she would be carrying her husband's brother or sister.

The DIL is also afraid of ruining her relationship with the MIL in case she says no as they're quite close.

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People online offer their advice


I find it even more strange that your husband thinks this is a perfectly reasonable request...


This can only end in bitter feelings at best and a legal disaster at worst. Do not even think of this. My dear friend handles surrogacies for couples. The contracts between parents and the surrogates are more than 80 pages of detailed agreements and terms. Both sides are represented by counsel and the laws of the state are taken into account. To be blunt, your DH has no idea what he’s talking about!


Why is she needing a new baby at 50?


Run, and if your husband pushes for it divorce him. My friend was a surrogate for her sister (fertility issues with the sister) once my friend was pregnant her sister went crazy trying to control every asap of my friends life and didn't even thank her after the baby way born.

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